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Your party is not living up to the values and principles you espouse. Your platform is sound but you lack execution. Too many of you talk a good game but when it comes to implementing sound conservative policy, you cave.


Here is what the Republican party says it stands for. It's a winning message. Start living up to it!​

  • Individual liberty through God-given rights affirmed by our founding Fathers

  • Strong Families

  • Only women should compete in women's sports.

  • Limited government

  • Low taxes and sensible business regulations to promote confidence in the economy

  • An educational system that prepares children for the future, regardless of race or wealth, without cross-dresser story time.

  • Law and order, including full funding of police departments.

  • Individual accountability

  • Equal opportunity for all to pursue their dreams and achieve through their own efforts.

  • Border security and instant deportation of criminal illegal aliens.

  • Reinstituting bail laws for arrested suspects.

  • Fair trade

  • Appointing constitutional judges and justices who follow the law, not ideology.

  • Energy independence

  • Exploration and implementation of renewable energy sources, as an adjunct to oil, coal and natural gas.

  • Truth over hype. Standing up and challenging the false narratives in the media.

  • Free speech where everyone can say what they feel and anyone who doesn't want to hear it can just simply not listen. Challenging the censorship imposed by the media and social media and allowing people to use words like "mother, father, son, daughter, sister and brother." 

  • A strong anti-woke military.

  • The right to life for pre-born babies.

  • The right to bear arms for protection.

  • Immigration reform that regulates, oversees and controls who enters our country.


Whatever you do, don't fall for the false narratives of the elitist establishment Republicans who have mouthed their policies for years and done nothing substantial to advance them. They are 'go along to get along' Republicans which is antithetical to true conservatism and must be stamped out. 

Say what you will about the 'personal' issues people have with Donald Trump, though most were falsely blown out of proportion by the media. His policies were truly conservative policies and that is the type of leadership this country needs for us to get back on track.

The direction and state of our country should not be decided  by a personality contest. It's about which policies best serve the American people and when you take an honest look at Conservative policies vs the Democrat policies, no honest and critically thinking person could come to the conclusion that Democrats should be in charge of anything.

The majority of complaints about the Republican party are fabricated racist claims, and that they don't implement the conservative policies they claim to believe. There is no complaint of destructive and restrictive policies forced on us as there are by Democrats. 

Haven't you ever wondered why both parties attacked Donald Trump so vigorously? He upset the status quo that was not solving America's problems but who were instead lining their pockets while pretending to meet the needs of Americans.


Politicians work for us, they are not kings and queens, yet too many of them enter politics, do nothing but blame the other side, get nothing accomplished, get us in war after war, divide our citizens and then exit wealthy, leaving the country the same or worse off. 

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