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Your party has been hijacked and has irrevocably changed for the worse. It is not coming back. Your policies are not solving the nation's problems. They are obliterating American values socially, culturally and economically.


We challenge you to defend them. If you can't, it's time to change course, as Tulsi Gabbard did. The following is the result of putting todays Democrats in power:

  • Allowing men to compete in women's sports.

  • Invading the privacy of women, and putting them in danger, by allowing men into their bathrooms and locker rooms.

  • Massive increase in crime due to:

    • Liberal Democrat District Attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminals

    • Not deporting criminal illegal aliens

    • No bail for arrested suspects

    • Defunding police departments putting less cops on the street

  • Inflation due to reckless over-spending. 

  • Creating a border crisis by terminating wall construction and letting in over 2 million illegal aliens, and counting...

  • Declaring there are more than two genders and that people can choose at will.

  • Claiming that men can get pregnant and they have the right to an abortion.

  • Implementing cross-dresser story time in schools for children.

  • Banning words like: mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, uncles or aunts. 

  • Policies that push for equal outcomes over equal opportunity.

  • Actions through the DOJ, media and social media companies is to censor the opposition instead of facing an honest and open public debate on issues.

  • Appointing a Supreme Court Justice who cannot define what a woman is.

  • Indoctrinating children with gender confusion and early sexualization.

  • Pushing woke racism within corporations and the military.

  • In favor of legalizing harmful drugs, including heroin.

  • Causing food shortages by going after farmers and pushing synthetic foods.

  • Threatening national security by purposely reducing our energy production making us dependent on other countries for energy.

  • Signing the Global Pandemic Treaty on 5/25/22 handing over complete health authority of our country to the W.H.O., eliminating our sovereignty.

  • Policies that protect the criminal illegal alien from being deported by sheltering them in "sanctuary cities" with the clear knowledge that a high percentage go on to commit more crimes, putting their own citizens at risk for violence.

  • Forced mandates and lockdowns, proven by Johns Hopkins study to have zero benefit, destroying millions of businesses and livelihoods and saving no lives.

  • Obsessive pushing of renewable energy, replacing oil & natural gas, when the technology is not fully developed and in no way could ever produce the necessary energy to power civilization. 

  • Censorship and de-platforming anyone who disagrees with leftist ideologies.

  • Forgiving student loan debt for people making up to $125,000/year.

  • Supporting the killing of innocent pre-born human babies, even up until the day of birth.

  • Belief that a fetus born early at 36 weeks is a human child, but one killed in the womb at 39 weeks is not.

  • Incapable and unwilling to engage in an actual debate on any of the topics above because Democrat policies are destructive and indefensible. 


Being the party of restrictions, division and destruction, Democrat policies improve nothing.


You may have issues with Republicans, for whatever reason, and there are many, but they are not driving any of the disastrous policies above. These are coming purely from Democrats, resulting in our nation's rapid decline. It's now to the point that Democrats embrace bad policies just because Republicans oppose them.


Honest democrats, we challenge you to make a list of all the destructive Republican policies you can think of and compare it to the list above. Doing so will open your eyes to the fact that you can no longer, in all honesty, support this lunacy.

Continuing to vote for Democrats resolves none of todays issues and will certainly intensify all of them. Democrat voters are mindlessly supporting a party that is blatantly detrimental to our nation. It is time to put country over party and reverse this.


If you care about this country at all, now and for future generations, vote Republican or witness the country's continued decline. (Then work within the Republican party to make it better by replacing all the RINOs with true conservatives that value personal freedoms, accountability, equal opportunity, law & order and limited government)


Questions Elected Democrats Won’t Answer On Camera

  • Is the over-printing of money a key driver of inflation?

  • Should we be energy independent?

  • Should children be exposed to cross-dresser story time?

  • Is our southern border secure?

  • Should criminal illegal aliens be deported?

  • Are lax prosecutions, by soft on crime District Attorneys, a key driver in the spiking crime rate?

  • Do you support any restrictions on abortion?

  • Should bail be reinstated for people arrested?

  • Are there more than two genders?

  • Should men compete in women’s sports?

  • Can men get pregnant?

  • Should all drugs be legalized?

  • Should your political opposition be censored and de-platformed?

Certainly your leaders will not respond, but your continued support and votes for such cowards shows questionable judgement on your part.


They are just being who they are, but you are responsible for putting them in power so the consequences of their actions on this country are really on you.

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